30 September, 2014

autumn tones


Hello again! It's been a very busy month so sadly again not as many post on here as I would like to have. Let's see how next month pans out shall we? I'm here to show you my new MissGuided pieces I'm wearing for the fall. This crop top alone is a piece of magic. You guys know how much I adore MissGuided pieces. You also know my life and style is going into a more minimalistic approach. This crop top has very artistic cut outs at the bottom. It is very structured as well. I'm just not blessed with a curvy upper body. Ha. 

The skirt is a warm knit midi. I love this take on the midi skirt because although it's black and simple, it still stands alone. It's warm enough to wear in the fall and maybe even the winter with thigh highs. Midi skirts are my favorite pieces right now. They're classic and sexy without trying. You'll see me in them a lot this fall. The heels are another classic and simple piece. They have amazing texture and great shape. They were also very easy to walk around in, and my feet didn't hurt a single bit.

My friend Kenny (Lotus Apparel) shot this post. His photography is outstanding. I love how cool tone and relaxed all the photos came out. Hopefully we'll be shooting again soon. I'll also have a post about one of his pieces coming up soon. You should be seeing more of his work for sure.

I hope you all enjoyed the post. Oh, and my new haircut. See you soon. 


10 September, 2014

black on black


Hello there loves! I promise that this month I would be better at blogging and here I am. There's nothing really to update you all on. I do own a new MacBook Pro because my other one died on me. I freaked out for two seconds then I got over it. I do not stress over anything anymore these days. I'm all about fixing it and moving on. I just purchased it with the money I had been saving for a new camera. I'm in love with how clear and beautiful everything displays. I'm sad about losing all of my years of work but this fresh start feels amazing.

I'm wearing a very classic all black look of mine. My style is getting a little bit more on the daring side. Before I started this blog I wore whatever the hell I wanted. Once I started blogging it kinda felt odd to show things like my bra. Now of course I can careless. I'm currently all about loving myself and who I am. Do not even get me started, on how too many people waste their youth hating themselves or living for others. Do whatever you want as long as you're not hurting anybody else (or yourself). 

Apart from that mini rant, I'm changing my blog up again very soon. As you can see the title is actually on the top for once. I'm not sure how to feel about it just yet. We'll see how it goes!

Talk to you soon.