14 March, 2016

long time no see...

Hello there babes!

I know I promised you my new site by now, but I sadly was trying to do it all by myself and failed a bit. But now I do have my very talented friend on the job, so fingers crossed for next month.

I'm wearing a Tobi dress here on the cool day. You guys know I love working with them, and their clothing is such great quality at an amazing price. Below are the links to this dress, and other great products!

See ya very soon.

06 December, 2015

i'm moving...literally.

Hello there babes and dudes! I'm moving to a new blogging platform and website starting the first of the year. I know I've touched on it a little bit but I'm finally working on it. Ready or not, I'll have the link to the grand opening of the new site no later than January 1st! I've been uninspired by this space for quite some time. I can no longer pretend that this blog makes me happy. I will be posting outfits still, but I'll also finally be exploring other outlets of creativity. I no longer wish to just find a cool wall to take photos in front of. That aspect of my work will be only for my "outfit" instagram account. That account will continue to have this name: vinyls + noir. I will also keep this site up for a year, so everyone can transition to my new space. After that I will be using the name for something else. I've grown very attracted to it, and I have some pretty cool ideas for its future. 

Thank you all who have been following me for the past 3 to 4 years. It's been an amazing ride here on this platform. I'm not leaving you guys. I'm just simply trying to find where I actually fit in this blogging world. I want to stop contributing to the noise as blogger Corinne from Stuck With Pins has stated. I hope you find my new space just as fun as you have this one. 

I will be talking to you very soon.