02 July, 2015

bright eyes

What I'm Currently Wearing: Missguided's Two-Piece + Boots, Urban Outfitter's Hat, Zerouv's glasses
What I'm Currently Listening To: The Twist :: Chubby Checker

Hello there friends! Looks like June was just far too busy for me to blog or do anything really. I usually have lots of photos I could possibly post, but not this go around. I've consumed myself with my internship, school, and work. I will be returning to school for hopefully my final quarter in a week or so. I'm very nervous, but I'm also very ready to have more time to focus on my blog. I have no healthy balance of time to even let's say eat. So at times blogging becomes hard, but I'm trying and trying to do better. 

Yes I'm wearing MissGuided again! I just love working with them as you all know, and their designs just get better and better. This is a silky two pice with lace trimming. I love the detailing of the shirt the most. Secondly, can we please talk about these boots?! They're beyond gorgeous and can easily be paired with anything. They dress up the most simple of looks like this one. If you would like to purchase the items I will have links below as always.

Thanks for reading! I really mean it, thank you.

...and thanks MissGuided.

Links to items:

31 May, 2015

rocksbox pieces

What I'm Currently Wearing: An Every Time I Die shirt and American Apparel shorts
What I'm Currently Listening To: Naive :: The Kooks

It's a very simple and rainy Sunday. I wanted to photograph and show you all the pieces that were sent to me from Rocksbox. Rocksbox is a cool jewelry-mailing service that sends you around three pieces a month to try out. If you like the pieces a lot you can purchase them and keep them forever. If not, you can always just return them back and get three more lovely pieces to wear next month. I'll be an It Girl for the next three months! I'll show you guys how I style my pieces, and I'll offer you cool discount codes (that DO NOT expire). 

So stay tuned!