15 December, 2014

Firmoo Glasses Review

Details: Sweater (MissGuided) // Overalls (SheInside) // Glasses (Firmoo)

Hello there, here's my long over due post on my Firmoo glasses. I've been in the process of moving so I haven't had time to sit and type out much of anything. Firmoo sent me this amazing pair of frames a few weeks ago. They come with two protective cases and a piece of cleaning cloth. The lens help protect my eyes from harsh light. Which is very important for people like myself who are prone to headaches. The design work is classic, but you can also customize some pieces on the website. Overall I'm very happy with the frames. Check out how cute they make me look, even with ugly faces.

Be sure to check Firmoo out! 

08 December, 2014

Details: Coat (Fevrie) - Bodysuit + Pants (American Apparel) - Backpack (Forever 21) - Boots (UrbanOG) 

Hello everyone! I received the opportunity to work with Fevrie.com a couple of weeks ago. We agreed that I'd shoot this coat. It's one of my favorite pieces right now. It has its own unique layering style. Making it easy to wear without accessories. I'm not a huge fan of accessories as you all can probably tell. I prefer to let my clothes do the talking alone. I kept it true to my aesthetic wearing all black. I missed wearing these crazy sunglasses so I decided to let them be that "pop of color". 

Fevrie also has provided me with a discount code for you guys: TATIANA25. You get 25% off of your purchase! Please check it out online.

Happy shopping! And thank you Fevrie!